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   [11.11.07] » I got a little behind on FAQ updates over the week because work was super-busy (plus I've not been writing up every update for Site News), but this weekend gave me a good chance to catch up. I'm now up to version 0.88 and just have the endgame & bonus dungeon left to cover. Should be done within another week ... apologies for the glacial pace of updates :\.

   [11.05.07] » Just an itty-bitty update to the Final Fantasy Tactics PSP FAQ today ... gonna be another busy week, but I'll keep plugging away at it :).

   [11.04.07] » Another weekend Final Fantasy Tactics PSP FAQ update. I've got stuff done through the first two arcs of Chapter IV, as well as adding & revising a bunch of other stuff that I'm not going to list out here ;). Go take a look at the FAQ if you're interested!

   [11.01.07] » Finished up through Chapter III of the Final Fantasy Tactics PSP FAQ. It looks like you can have Luso learn Ultima during the Riovanes Castle Roof battle ... I need to go back and develop the strategy for that further, but I went ahead and tossed this version up 'cause it's been a long week and I was too tired to watch Barrington endlessly shoot Malak while I refined my strategies. I'm realizing how much this guide completely sucks and how much stuff there is that I already need to go back and completely redo ... blargh. Hope someone posts a better FAQ soon so I have an excuse to ditch mine ;).

   [10.31.07] » OMG WTF FFT PSP FAQ. G2G, BBL.

   [10.28.07] » Another FFT War of the Lions FAQ update, wrapping up my revision of the Chapter II walkthrough & battle strategies. There's a bunch of other new stuff in there, too.

   [10.26.07] » All right, I still haven't been writing up every update to the FFT War of the Lions FAQ here just because I've been really busy. But I'm up to version 0.66 now, which now has pretty much all the info on the new PSP features (except the multiplayer mode). Just need to keep revising the walkthrough & battle strategies.

   Then maybe I'll do something for this site, too :)

   [10.21.07] » Heh, whoops, I never got around to posting v. 0.25 of the FFT PSP FAQ here ... but here's version 0.33! I'm now halfway through Chapter II and I've also got some of the info. on the new jobs sketched in.

   [10.16.07] » Another update to the FFT: War of the Lions FAQ. The next update will finish up Chapter I.

   If you found me through the FAQ and are just dropping by the site for the first time, welcome! I'm Fritz; you may remember me from such web sites as Cosmo Canyon and the GIA. Feel free to take a look around ... there's always the popular Cid Wars fanfic "trilogy", now in its fourth installment, as well as a bunch of other dumb stuff that's probably of interest only to me ;).

   [10.15.07] » Small update to the FFT: War of the Lions FAQ. I'm going to try to post these every day or two to keep current with my progress through the game.

   [10.14.07] » Surprise update! Since my Final Fantasy Tactics FAQ still gets a tons of hits on GameFAQs -- inexplicably, as I'm sure there are much better guides for the game out there -- I decided to update the FAQ for the new PSP release of the game. The re-translation has changed almost all the names and there are some new jobs and sidequests, so the FAQ definitely needed an overhaul.

   This is just an early version of the FAQ. I'm still playing through the PSP release, so I haven't finished updated everything yet. I'll have the rest of the stuff done over the next week or two.

   [07.27.07] » So, yeah, I've gone most of the summer without an update. I have to admit that, on a personal level, the less time I spend working on such things, the less interested I am in going back to them.

   But, I don't want to say the page is dead, 'cause I might do something with it in the future. It's just ... sleeping.

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