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SITE NEWS - 2007

   [02.13.07] » And here's my other Internet personality test, "Which Love & Peace Character Are You?" The idea is that it's based on my fanfic "Love & Peace." Honestly, I can think of few things as narcissistic as making a personality test based on your own fanfic, but I made this five years ago, OK? ;) I figured I might as well post it now!

   This time, I managed to be....

Which Love & Peace Character Are You...?
Chu-Chu: Sex Machine with All the Bishies
Take the quiz by qu_marsh

   I can live with that!

   I also tossed up a few more old graphics hacks. As you can probably tell, I'm pretty just going through old stuff and posting up whatever I find that isn't already online. But if you've got any specific requests for old or (especially) new! content, let me know; I'm always happy to take them...

   [02.11.07] » Man, I find all sorts of cool stuff going through old folders ... like this "Which Tetris Character Are You?" test from back in 2002. It was actually reasonably well done, so I posted it up (and slightly reorganized the site to accomodate it).

   As for me, I'm....

Which Tetris Character Are You...?
You are The Z Block!
Take the quiz by qu_marsh

   [02.12.07] » Qu's Marsh now has an RSS feed! I found out this weekend that LiveJournal automatically provides RSS feeds ... and since the public entries of my journal are basically my website updates, you can get all the Qu's Marsh updates by adding my RSS feed to your reader. You're on your own getting it to work, though -- I read all my feeds through LJ, so I have no clue how to work an RSS reader. ;)

   I also tossed up a few additional graphics hacks that I'd made for use on GAF. I think I have still more images to add once I look through a couple more folders. Right now, I'm pretty much just scouring my hard drive and tossing up stuff as I find it :).

   [02.10.07] » Since I've made quite a few LiveJournal userpics over the years, I decided to add a Galleria de LiveJournal Userpics to the graphics hacks section to show off my handiwork. I mostly put it up to display all the userpic projects I've completed, but if you'd like to save any of them to use in your own journal, that's fine with me. (A shout-out to qu_marsh is nice but not necessary.)

   It also functions as a barometer of my taste, since counting the number of relevant userpics is a pretty good index of how much I like a particular game or character ;).

   [02.07.07] » I took another look at the one other area I'd been thinking about mapping and realized that there just isn't enough there to make it worth bothering with. So I'm uploading one small update to the Bonus Dungeon Overview (I had a number wrong in the prior version) and then calling it a wrap on my FF V map project.

   I had a lot of fun making the maps and I've been thinking about a couple new projects I could embark on. I recently picked up some cheap video capture hardware, so I was thinking of playing through FF X-2 again and capturing the heck out of the game. In the post-GIA era, the number of screenshots out there for most games is pretty minimal, which really sucks for Photoshopping purposes. Pretty much every site just has the same few PR-released screens. There's a definitely a gap I could fill there! I could also run through FF IX and some other games that are simply under-covered.

   I have a few other ideas, too, but who knows if I'll actually implement them :p

   Also, a reader kindly tipped me that some people might be finding this site through my GameFAQs posting. That's great! I was hoping that something like that might happen, since I don't really know how else to promote the site. But I guess that back in the old days, most of my readers were people who found my works on other sites and then followed them back to my site, so maybe that will work again! In any case, should any more of the old crowd be finding their way here (hey Ben!), I'm going to be lame and do another plug :), letting you all know that I also posted a new fanfic a few months back: Cid Wars IV.

   [02.03.07] » Can't stop, won't stop: Shinryu's Lair map. Hey, if people keep clicking on them, I might as well keep making them! (And they're fun little projects.) I'm starting to really hit my limits now, though. I've done all the particularly maze-like areas and there's only one place left that would even remotely require a map ... hmm, I guess I know what I'm doing tomorrow!

   [01.30.07] » Haaa, did I say I was done with my FF V maps? Just kidding, here's another one! I realized that given the overall size and non-linearity of the bonus areas, a general schematic of the whole affair would be helpful, so here's my Bonus Dungeon Map. It's Metroidvania-tastic.

   [01.28.07] » OK, the last of my FF V Advance maps is done: Sealed Temple Halls. That's all I'm planning on doing for now, so expect this site to go into another six-month hibernation ;P. Actually, I had fun making these and they seem to be relatively popular (especially given that they didn't require that much work), so maybe I'll do something similar in the future!

   [01.25.07] » Holy crap my FF V maps are averaging like 200 hits a day on GameFAQs O_O. Maybe I should start writing guides again -- 200 hits for a few hours' work is a much better payoff ratio than spending months laboring over a fanfic that 1 or maybe 2 people will ever read :P. (GameFAQs tracks the hits your stuff gets now, which is a neat little feature. And probably a good strategy for the site, too, since I imagine it provides greater incentive to submit things to the site.)

   Anyway, here's a third one, for Omega Mk II's stomping grounds, the Tomb of Memory. There's one more I'm going to do after this and then that's it.

   [01.22.07] » Completed a second FF V Advance bonus dungeon map: Heart of Ronka, for anyone who wants the speedy route out of Exoray hell.

   [01.20.07] » Whoa, an update! How did that happen?

   Well, I was playing FF V Advance (which is excellent, I might add) and needed to make maps for some of the new bonus dungeon areas. And I figured that after I mapped everything out that some other people might get some use of them too, so I might as well computerize them. So here's the first one: River of Souls. More will follow.