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What you've probably come here for.

08.05.06 Comedy
The star attraction. Everything from my current projects back to endless crossover serials. I have no shame.
03.24.04 Drama
Much to everyone else's chagrin, occasionally I'm possessed to write stories devoid of wacky hijinks, ensuing hilarity, or madcap antics. Indulge me.

Assorted Humor

Try as I might, even as someone as tidy as myself can't figure out a good way to categorize everything. But basically these are various features from old sites of mine that I thought might be worth preserving.

06.08.01 GIA Features
The assorted humorous features I did for the GIA, most of which are actually still revelant and amusing today, if I may be permitted to say so. (Funny stuff only here; the rest of my GIA work is down there under the next heading.)
08.18.01 Editorials
A recurring feature on Qu's Marsh Mark I that I never did much with. But if you're looking for "that message board thing," it's in here.
09.09.98 Beath of Flams FAQ
A FAQ for a fictious RPG that spoofs RPG clichés as well as containing a lot of general weirdness/silliness. As with most of my old work, I'd say there are parts that are still really funny and parts that are just dumb now.
05.20.98 CidFighter FAQ
In the vein of the above, this is a FAQ for an equally fictious fighting game starring the various Cids -- it's a spin-off of my Cid Wars fanfic series.
03.07.01 The Mailbag
Over the summer of 1998, Cait Sith, along with a slew of sidekicks and guest hosts, answered readers' letters on Cosmo Canyon. Although the results were often too far on the self-referential and self-indulgent side, they weren't actually as bad as you might expect, which is why I've archived all the columns (and other related miscellenia) here.
01.18.99 The Dictionary of RPG Clichés
Once a staple of my old Cosmo Canyon site, the Dictionary of RPG Clichés has since become a cliché itself in the wake of numerous RPG-cliché-themed projects on the Web. I won't keep updating it, but I'm keeping mine online as part of the archive.

Game Writings

I think I've pretty much permanently moved out of the video game reporting and coverage business; things such as "friends" and "work" have drastically reduced the amount of time I have available to pore over the nuances of Kenji's Wonderful Rainbow Tumbler Adventure Super S. But by request, I've posted my cryogenically preserved collection of work for the Gaming Intelligence Agency and my even earlier RPG FAQs. If you poke around, you can probably even find Walt Disney.

01.04.02 GIA Columns
My guest stints with Double Agent and Wiretap, plus the yearly Staff Favorites picks.
08.01 GIA Reviews
I slogged through dungeon hacks so the rest of the staff - and you - didn't have to.
11.11.07 FAQs
Like a time capsule from 1998, but full of ASCII text and obnoxious anime emoticons.
2002 Final Fantasy VIII Gaiden: Selphie no Daibouken
This was a write-up I posted on the old GIA forums, about my "dream" FF VIII spin-off. The whole thing's pretty silly; on a scale of FF spin-off pranks, it ranks below GIA's Final Fantasy Gaiden but above Dirge of Cerberus. I was asked to repost it, though, so here it is!