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   Be advised that there's still some pretty big gaps or errors in some of the older FAQs, and in most cases there are better or more complete guides for these games available. I really don't have much intention of picking FAQ-writing back up in in a serious way, though, so you'll just have to live with the deficiencies for those ones.

11.11.07 Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions FAQ
Version 0.88. A FAQ for the PSP release of Final Fantasy Tactics. Based on my original FF Tactics FAQ, with full walkthrough, strategies for every battle, all the Midlight's Deep items, full Job ability lists and evaluations, equipment lists, a poaching list, and much more. New for the PSP version are guides to the new jobs and sidequests, additional strategies, and updates to the text to reflect the new translation.
02.07.07 Final Fantasy V Advance Maps
Some of the new areas in FF V Advance can get pretty big, so I drew out maps on paper for myself. Then I figured, why not turn them into some crappy PNG images so everyone else can use them, too?
The Maps: Bonus Dungeon Overview | Sealed Temple Halls | River of Souls | Heart of Ronka | Tomb of Memory | Shinryu's Lair
02.19.99 Xenogears FAQ
Version 1.0. Includes a complete walkthrough and plot summary, as well as ability, item, store, and music lists. Also includes character quotes and a "Did You Notice?" section.
11.09.98 Tales of Destiny FAQ
Version 3.0. Includes the standard walkthrough, as well as item, skill, Rune Bottle, monster, and other lists, and info on the various side quests and mini-games.
09.18.98 Kartia FAQ
Version 3.0. Features strategies for all battles of both quests, item, phantom, character, Text, spell lists, plus secret items and other tricks and info.
09.07.98 Zork: Grand Inquisitor walkthrough
Version 1.0. A complete and concise walkthrough for the game.
08.26.98 Coconut Monkey's Games FAQ
Version 2.0. He's cute, he's lovable, and he has no arms! PC Gamer's mascot Coconut Monkey is also an accomplished designer of Klik-n-Play games. While you're waiting for his masterpiece Gravy Trader, this FAQ will help you with his other epic creations.
08.25.98 Final Fantasy Tactics FAQ
Version 5.2. Clocking in at over 200 KB, the FF Tactics FAQ features a full walkthrough, strategies for every battle, all the Deep Dungeon items, full Job ability lists and evaluations, equipment lists, a poaching list, and much more.
08.22.98 Breath of Fire III FAQ
Version 5.0. Includes a complete walkthrough, magic, skill, Master, item, and Dragon Gene lists, fishing and Faerie Village info, the optional subquests, and more; over 270 KB big!
04.20.98 Wild Arms FAQ
Version 1.7. Features a complete walkthrough for the game with solutions to every puzzle, along with equipment, ARM, Fast Draw, magic, Trickster, dropped item, Randomizer, Force, Crest Graph, and Guardian lists.
04.98 Final Fantasy Tactics Zodiac Brave Story
Not exactly a FAQ, but a complete transcription of the Brave Story menu option -- storyline, characters, treasures, unexplored land, work history, and the Germonik Scriptures.
1997 Suikoden FAQ
Version 1.2. Includes a full walkthrough as well as item, character, and store lists.
1996 Lufia II FAQ
Version 1.5. Includes a full walkthrough with solutions to every puzzle and locations to every chest, complete equipment, magic, IP attack, and item lists, all Capsule Monster attacks and abilities, and a Ancient Cave guide.
1996 Super Mario RPG FAQ
Version 1.2. Features a full walkthrough, monster, item, and equipment lists, all the secrets and hidden treasures, and a Yoshi Cookie list.
1995 Breath of Fire II FAQ
Version 1.2. My Breath of Fire 2 FAQ includes a complete walkthrough, complete equipment, spell, Shaman combo, fishing spot, and item lists, all the TownShip people, cooking combinations, and other useful info.
1993 Shining Force II FAQ
Version 1.0. Includes a complete walkthrough, locations of all characters, tips for each battle, equipment, spell, and monster lists, Mithril locations, and more.