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Themes and Skins

Turn your desktop into a giant advertisement for my site, and I might even pay you. But probably not.

02.24.02 Wallpaper
Everybody's Desktop in JPEG.
04.28.04 Winamp Skins
Making Backdrops to Listen to Music to Take Drugs to To.

Graphic Hacks

In the 15th century, Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press, allowing publishers to produce books much more quickly and cheaply. In the 20th century, Adobe invented Photoshop, allowing Internet users to produce humor much more quickly by inserting pictures of Admiral Ackbar and Brian Peppers into any photo, ever. Truly, the Information Age is a blessing to us all.

02.13.07 Assorted Graphic Hacks
Comedy coalmine.
05.29.07 LiveJournal.org-Style Userpics
The beauty of userpics for LiveJournal.org-style journaling services is that they're small enough to be manageable projects while still allowing you a lot of creativity. So here are pretty much all the userpics I've ever made, spanning a rather wide range of quality. Feel free to snag any of them if you'd like.
08.29.03 Non-Hacked Graphics
Not actually graphics hacks, but Qu's Marsh diversity guidelines require that I also include some non-hacked graphics in the hacked graphic section.


I think if I ever settled down and made a concerted effort to draw every day, I could turn out to be a passable artist - at least enough to put out quality fanart, which is all I'm out to do. I haven't yet had the kind of motivation to really work on drawing, though, which is what I hope to obtain my putting existing, rather questionable art up. Stay tuned.

02.07.04 Fanart
Me draw pretty someday.
05.29.07 MS Paint Fanart
So GAF had this awesome thread to recreate video game scenes in MSPaint. Here are my contributions: ICO, Rez, Katamari Damacy, PaRappa the Rapper, and, uh, Okami ;).