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Like any good hipster, I enjoy fretting over the tracklisting of mix CDs that no one else will ever even listen to. Aside from the fact that I spend entirely too much of my time obsessing over popular music, I guess I enjoy the challenge of trying to create something new using only other people's music. I'm all post-modern and stuff - Hideo Kojima, eat your heart out.

03.24.04 Game-Themed Mixes
Not much in here right now.

Music Videos

All around all the world, countless unsigned and unknown musicians labor at their careers in hopes of one day achieving their dream of having their angst-ridded suburban rock anthems badly synced to footage from Trigun. Unfortunately for the pop stars of tomorrow, I've done nothing little to fulfill their wishes, since the one music video I've made features neither angst nor Vash the Stampede. But at least it's badly synced.

08.25.01 Music Videos
Not much in here, either.