Hints, strategies, and move lists for the Psikyo arcade game Daraku Tenshi, also known as The Fallen Angels.


Daruku Tenshi, or The Fallen Angels, as it will be referred to in this FAQ from now on, is the first and perhaps only fighting game designed by Psikyo. The Fallen Angels suggests that the designers of popular shooters like Gunbird had great promise exploring other genres, but strangely, this moody, sepia-toned tournament fighter was never given a sequel or was released on any home systems. The Fallen Angels didn't deserve to be buried like this, however... it's an excellent fighter with a dark beauty you won't find in Capcom's Street Fighter series or most of SNK's many fighting games.


"The earthquake that struck the city at 7:13AM on February 10, 2000, measured 7 on the Richter scale.  The veneer of peace that had been maintained in the city's streets by total information control suddenly vanished, and the computer-controlled concrete jungle stopped functioning."

"A major shift in the Earth's crust had severed the city from its surrounding landform, leaving it an island with virtually no outside contact.  Money-crazed inhabitants soon lashed out for the city's remaining but useless vestiges of power, preaching salvation while hiding their wicked motives."

"Sex, crime, and drugs ruled the streets, as the city began to decay.  Ironically, they called the wretched remains of their city "Eden- the last paradise."

"It is now a decade later.  The year is 2010."


* Another previously undiscovered move, The Hangman's Noose.  Special thanks to Sotenga for letting us know about this one (1/5/03)
* Previously undiscovered moves and correct joystick motions for existing ones, graciously supplied by Charlie Malekzandi (10/6/03)
* More information about the game (including the fate of The Fallen Angels' character designer), also supplied by Charlie Malekzandi (10/6/03)
* A corrected Yuiren bio which no longer refers to the character as a female.  Hey, it's an easy mistake to make! (10/6/03)


* Basic moves, applicable to all characters
* Descriptions of the game's basic play mechanics
* Detailed moves lists for all eight playable characters
* Strategies for the use of each character's attacks
* Win quotes for each character
* A list of random notes about the game at the end of the guide (this section is referred to as "Oddities")


* Official names for the special attacks (these probably won't be included in any future installments of the guide... I mean, geez, where am I gonna get 'em?)
* Move lists for the bosses, Trigger and Carlos
* Cheats to play as either Trigger or Carlos
* Specific character information, especially regarding the depletion rate for each character's guard gauge and the amount of energy each character must lose to make their life bar flash
* Specific information about the relationship between the power meter and life bar



JOYSTICK (while facing right)

  forward.  Moves your character forward.
  down forward.  May make your character crawl forward.
  down.  Makes your character duck.
  down back.  Makes your character block low attacks.
  back.  Moves your character backward and lets them block high or mid range attacks.
  up back.  Makes your character jump backward.
  up.  Makes your character jump upward.
  up forward.  Makes your character jump forward.


 light punch.  Delivers a light but fast punch, good for starting combos.
 light kick.  Executes a lightning quick light kick.
 hard punch.  Delivers a crushing but much slower punch.
 hard kick.  Performs a devastating but slow kick.


 (tap forward twice): dash. The player dashes or runs toward the opponent, depending on the character selected.

 (tap back twice): retreat. The player quickly steps backward in an attempt to distance his/herself from the opponent.

, , : high jump.  The player jumps slightly higher and further than usual.  Quickly press down, then the direction you wish to jump to give your leap an added boost.

 or  (in close): throw. Performs a throw or hold on the opponent.

 + : taunt. Taunts an opponent, slightly lowering their power meter.

 + : stance switch. The player shifts his/her feet. This can be followed up with an extra powerful attack accessible only after the player switches stances... just press  or  to perform it.

 + : dodge. The player slips past attacks and through the opponent if one is close by.  This can be followed up with an attack by pressing toward or away from the opponent and pressing one of the attack buttons.

 +  (full power gauge, while blocking attacks): shadow dodge.  The player counters an opponent's attack by slipping through it, leaving a trail of afterimages behind him/her.  This move requires a full power gauge... however, the gauge will not be emptied after a shadow dodge has been performed.

 +  (while falling): recovery. The player regains his/her balance after being popped into the air by a throw or other attacks.  This means that you'll land on your feet when you fall to the ground, rather than your backside.

 + : charge. The player concentrates, raising his power meter after a brief pause. This makes the player extremely vulnerable to attack, so use it when standing at a safe distance.


The Fallen Angels will be comfortably familiar to anyone who's played The King of Fighters, as it borrows many of its basic gameplay elements. These include:


Each character has a power meter which fills as attacks are performed or damage is taken. This power meter can also be boosted by holding HP+HK together... the character will stand in place, summoning his/her strength until the meter is full, the buttons are released, or the character is interrupted by an opponent's attack. It's up to the player to use the charge wisely... while it can definitely come in handy, it's not always necessary. Sometimes it's best to be patient and let the meter fill up on its own.

Once full, the power meter allows the player to perform a super move. Super moves are generally either autocombos (the player attacks repeatedly with standard kicks and punches) or enhanced versions of special moves. However, the player must act quickly, as the power meter depletes much like it does in the first Darkstalkers and early King of Fighters games. Once a super move has been performed or the power meter runs dry, it must be recharged.

However, you may not even need to let the meter charge if your life bar is nearly depleted. Once your character is sufficiently weak, their life bar will flash red as both a warning of their impending demise and a reminder that super moves can be performed at the player's whim. Your power meter can still be charged, and it's possible to perform a super move with both your life bar flashing and your power meter full. Any super move performed during this time will be enhanced, but only slightly... for instance, Cool's Skyward Blitz, which normally consists of three strikes, will add a fourth if you perform it while your life bar is flashing and your power meter has been filled.


Players can block incoming attacks, but not forever. Each character has a guard gauge that depletes whenever they block attacks. Otherwise, the gauge will fill to its maximum value of 99. The guard gauge encourages the player to be aggressive, as pounding the opponent with punches and kicks will eventually damage them whether or not these attacks are blocked. When the guard guage is very low, fighers who block incoming attacks will briefly flash red, illustrating that their defense has grown dangerously weak.  Once the gauge is emptied and the opponent attempts to block another attack, they will be forced to drop their guard, briefly making them vulnerable. After this happens, the guard gauge will return to its maximum value of 99 and that character can once again block attacks.

This system is similar to the one used in Street Fighter Alpha 3, except players aren't punished with a smaller gauge after having their guard broken by a persistent opponent. It returns to its maximum value after the player's guard is dropped. Also, the player recovers quickly from having their guard meter depleted, so it doesn't affect the gameplay as much as you'd expect.


Taunting is performed by pressing LP and LK together at once. The player will taunt, slightly lowering their opponent's power meter. It's not enough to have a strong impact on the gameplay, but on the plus side, the taunt can be interrupted and doesn't leave you as vulnerable as it would in a Capcom fighting game.  On a side note, you can always use the stance switch as a sort of taunt... then smack the enemy with an extra powerful punch or kick once they get near you.



NAME: Tarao Onigawara
A martial artist
AGE: 47
HEIGHT: 135 cm
WEIGHT: 106 kg
SEX: male
BIRTHDATE: 5/27/1984
FROM: Japan

He may be a talented and disciplined martial artist, but the flies that constantly surround Tarao Onigawara nevertheless indicate that the man really stinks.  Perhaps he's homeless, or maybe he just has the same lack of personal hygeine that made the legendary Japanese swordsman Musashi Miyamoto that much more intimidating.  Whatever's the case, you won't need a sixth sense to know Torao's around before you actually see him.  Until he washes that filthy gi and scraggly hair, he'll never be able to take his opponents by surprise.

STRENGTHS: Straightforward character with fairly easy to use attacks. Reasonably strong. The Touch of Death is very handy as a counter attack, and the Kick Storm does a good deal of damage.

WEAKNESSES: Ducking kicks are somewhat odd. It can be difficult to actually reach an enemy with the Touch of Death... the other player can slide right through it if their timing is right.


"See?  You can't beat a free spirit." (against Harry)
"You dirty, stinking scum." (against Cool)
"Look at those skinny arms.  No way." (against Yuiran)
"You're really a man?  Forget it." (against Yuiren)
"You're nothing but a puppet!" (against Taro)
"I'll whip you back into shape!" (agains Roche)
"That's karate?  Study the basics." (against Haiji)
"Think you can imitate my karate?" (against Tarao)
"Fight with your hands like a man!" (against Trigger)
"OK, you have faith, but no power!" (against Carlos)



Tarao chains a forward kick into a crushing roundhouse that instantly drains the opponent's guard gauge.

ASSAULT AND BATTERY:  , then  repeatedly

Tarao delivers a blow to the stomach.  That strike can be followed up with many more hits if the player continues to press punch.  Note that HP will make Tarao lunge forward slightly before performing the attack. He'll stand his ground if LP is pressed instead.


Tarao leaps at the opponent foot first in an attack strongly reminescent of Ryo's in The Art of Fighting. The distance of this attack is determined by the strength of the kick used to perform it.


Tarao intercepts an opponent's attack. More research is needed on this and the other counter attacks in The Fallen Angels.



"C'mon, Bart... use the Touch of Death!" After a brief pause, Tarao unleashes a devastating knifehand blow, doing damage to anyone in the immediate vicinity. This death blow seems to do more damage if it's used to counter an opponent's attacks. However, be careful that you're not TOO close to your opponent when you do it, as it may slip past them, doing no harm to them at all.


Tarao jumps toward his enemy with a kick. If it lands, he'll follow it up with a dozen more damaging attacks. Don't perform this unless you're sure it'll connect with an unblocking opponent... if they do block, you'll be left vulnerable.

NAME: Cool
AGE: 24
HEIGHT: 172 cm
WEIGHT: 60 kg
SEX: male
BIRTHDATE: 10/31/1984
FROM: unknown

This gangly goth, clad from head to toe in black leather, relies on crow feathers for several of his attacks.  When he's not throwing feathers at his enemies, he's shedding them from his shoulder pads.  He even seems to have a raven as a pet, which is a little odd when you consider that he has to get those crow's feathers from somewhere.  I doubt that Cool's little friend would stay friendly for long after being plucked to complete his ensemble.

STRENGTHS: Could appeal to players who prefer using charge motions for attacks. The Skyward Kick is a fantastic anti-air attack, and its more powerful counterpart the Skyward Blitz does incredible damage if it connects. Punch and kick trajectories are very straightforward.

WEAKNESSES: Charge motions force the player to wait to execute attacks. This also makes super moves damned near impossible to perform. Cool only has two special moves, just like his obvious inspiration Guile.


"You either kill or get killed." (against Roche)
"Same thing again?  What a bore." (against Yuiran)
"I have zero interest in you." (against Harry)
"You're not even worth fighting." (against Haiji)
"You're a waste of time." (against Taro)
"You're an eyesore." (against Cool)
"Don't make me have to hurt you." (against Yuiren)
"You've signed your death warrant." (against Tarao)

"Scum!  Get out of my sight!" (against Trigger)
"Nobody messes with me and walks." (against Carlos)



Cool casually tosses a feather at his opponent. Its speed is determined by the strength of the punch used to perform it.


Cool streaks upward with a powerful leaping knee. It's great for intercepting leaping foes and is Cool's most powerful attack.



Cool lays down the law with three consecutive Skyward Kicks. One of these is enough to send an opponent to the hospital, so you know what'll happen after three of them. However, the oddball joystick motion used to activate it is difficult to remember in the heat of battle.

FEATHER DUSTER:  (in rapid succession)

Cool tosses multiple crow's feathers. I imagine this makes him even more frightening to ravens than the average scarecrow. It's also a bit frustrating for the player, since the attack is difficult to perform thanks to the charge motion used to activate it.  Also, it's important to press the punch button twice very quickly at the end of the motion, or Cool will just throw a standard Crow's Feather.

NAME: Haiji Mibu
AGE: unknown
HEIGHT: 179 cm
WEIGHT: 67 kg
SEX: male
BIRTHDATE: 12/11/?
FROM: unknown

This hot-blooded boxer has an impulsive attitude that's reflected in many of his attacks.  He'll often put so much strength into his tooth-shattering right hooks and uppercuts that he'll nearly lose his balance after delivering his fatal blows.  Haiji is likely to remind more experienced fighting game fans of Ralf Jones from the King of Fighters series, but his slick leather jacket, weathered face, and bright white hair is more than enough to distinguish him from Ralf with his bandana and drab military wardrobe.

STRENGTHS: Quite nimble despite some ridiculously powerful attacks. Detonation Punch is an extremely useful counter attack, and its more powerful counterpart the Atomic Crush is extremely effective in combos.

WEAKNESSES: Awkward punch and kick trajectories. Some moves have long set up and recovery times. Life bar must sink really low before super moves can be performed.


"You need more than just technique." (against Yuiren)
"Fight like a soldier, you wimp!" (against Harry)
"That's karate?  You're a bit soft." (against Tarao)
"You're not as strong as they say." (against Cool)
"Why don't you stay home and cook?" (against Yuiran)
"Get lost, you snot-nosed brat." (agains Roche)
"You'd better work on your style." (against Taro)
"Get out of here!  You're worthless." (against Haiji)
"Did you really think you'd win?" (against Trigger)
"Now you're the one who's sorry!" (against Carlos)



Haiji hops toward his enemy and releases a powerful punch to the stomach. This punch drives the enemy back if they block it and pops them into the air if it connects. Nothing too exciting, but it leaves Haiji less vulnerable than the much more powerful Detonation Punch.


Haiji buries his fist into the opponent's stomach, then picks them up and lets them hang there for about a second.  It's not one of Haiji's most powerful attacks, and you'll have to get in close to make it work.  On the plus side, the Hangman's Noose doesn't have much charge time and it can be used to instantly drain the guard gauge of a blocking opponent.


Haiji summons his strength for an extremely powerful punch. It's particularly effective as a counter against some attacks... Haiji will absorb the damage from punches and kicks, then immediately return fire with a right cross with enough strength to turn a cement wall into rubble. It's so powerful that Haiji nearly loses his balance while performing it, so be sure the attack connects if you plan to use it... you'll be left vulnerable if the opponent blocks.  Their guard gauge will drop to zero, but that still won't protect you, since they'll catch their breath about a second before you will.


Ed Gruberman beware... Haiji warms up a nasty kick and sends it straight for his opponent's face. He screams "Walk it off!" as it connects with the enemy's cheek, but given its strength and the fact that it literally sends the opponent flying backward, they're not likely to do that.



Haiji performs an especially powerful Detonation Punch that can sap nearly three quarters of the enemy's life bar. The trick to performing it is using it as a counter, or in a combo after landing from a jump kick.


Haiji attacks with a stronger version of his Gut Buster Punch. This attack pops the opponent into the air, allowing the player to juggle the foe for more hits... for instance, the computer will sometimes pop his opponent BACK into the air with a Gut Buster Punch, then finish up with a Boot To The Head as they fall to the ground. It's more stylish than effective, since you have to use it up close and it doesn't guarantee as much damage as a successful Atomic Crush.

NAME: Yuiran
OCCUPATION: a bartender
AGE: 20
HEIGHT: 167 cm
WEIGHT: 57 kg
SEX: female
BIRTHDATE: 3/3/1984
FROM: unknown

She may be a barkeep, but Yuiran's true ambition is to become a deadly ninja assassin.  If you couldn't tell that from her slinky purple outfit, adorned with a gold sash and bracelets, her lightning speed and the ability to break bones in a half dozen imaginative ways should make her personal career preference pretty obvious.  Yuiran hates to be confused with her sister, which is understandable, since the cross-dressing Yuiren isn't really her sister at all.

STRENGTHS: Yuiran is strong, fast, and agile, and her grapples will appeal to fans of wrestling characters, particularly Blue Mary who seems to have inspired this character. The Drop Kick is fast and packs quite a wallop.

WEAKNESSES: Some attacks leave Yuiran vulnerable or force her to be very close to her opponent. Her supers are tough to perform and offer little reward for the effort it takes to perform them.


"I don't like nice boys." (against Cool)
"Straighten up, you wimp." (against Yuiren)
"Aren't you a bit old for this?" (against Tarao)
"Y'know, you should get a life." (against Roche)
"Come by for a drink.  It's on me." (against Taro)
"I'm through with you." (against Harry)
"That's it?  Don't make me laugh." (against Yuiran)
"Too bad.  This is my specialty." (against Haiji)
"You can't even beat a bartender." (against Trigger)
"Now, leave me out of this!" (against Carlos)



Yuiran performs a forward kick, then backhands her enemy.


Yuiran sneakily inches toward her opponent on her hands and knees. Effective for getting in close while avoiding punches, projectiles, and other attacks aimed for the head and chest.


Yuiran dives at her opponent feet first, delivering a blow that sends them straight to the floor if it connects. This attack does pretty good damage and can relieve the pressure in a situation where the opponent is getting too aggressive.


Yuiran takes a risk, running straight at her foe. If she can reach them before she's knocked away with an attack, she drops them to the floor and snaps one of their arms. This is damaging, but as mentioned earlier, risky... better make sure your opponent isn't counting on this one.


Yuiran crosses her arms, prepared to intercept her opponent's attack. If successful, Yuiran is unharmed by the enemy and can counter their attack if she acts quickly.


Yuiran grabs her enemy from a stationary position, wrapping her legs around them, dropping them to the floor, and finally breaking an arm. The charge motion is rather unconventional for a grapple, and there's no miss animation, so you won't be given any indication that you've performed the attack unsuccessfully.


TWIST-OFF TOP:   (close)

With a joystick motion this unusual, is it any wonder it took forever for someone to figure it out?  Anyway, perform this move close to your opponent and Yuiren will climb on their back, do a handstand on their head, and spin wildly, snapping the foe's neck dozens of times.  She then climbs back down and drops the hapless enemy onto her knee, breaking their spine.  Sure, it does an intense amount of damage, but you'd think the enemy would be DEAD after all this punishment.


Yuiran jabs forward twice in rapid succession. If the punches connect, she'll drop her opponent to the floor and snap the nearest available arm. It does a little more damage than the other Arm Breaker attacks but isn't much more impressive. I suspect that this is a multi-stage attack.

FLIP OUT:  ,  (repeatedly)

Yuiran runs toward her opponent... if she reaches them without getting attacked, she'll flip them behind her back. Rapidly press the punch button during this time and Yuiren will add injury to, well, more injury by sitting on their backs and snapping their arms.

NAME: Harry Ness
OCCUPATION: A captain of the Marine Corps
AGE: 34
HEIGHT: 194 cm
WEIGHT: 103 kg
SEX: male
BIRTHDATE: 7/4/1970
FROM: United States of America

Harry... Ness?  I'm sure the designers wanted Harry to remind the player of Elliot Ness from The Untouchables, but I can't help but think that the guy needs his back shaved.  Even with the silly name, Harry Ness is pretty intimidating.  It's not just because of his immense height and military background, but because he's quite literally got a rocket launcher under his sleeve.  It's important to note that the rocket launcher only holds six missiles, and every time you use it, you come closer and closer to expending your supply.  Once you're out of rockets, you'll have to wait until the next round for a fresh batch.

STRENGTHS: Harry's armed with rockets, which are devastatingly powerful. His selection of throws do a great deal of damage as well.

WEAKNESSES: The downside to having your own arsenal of weapons is that you're bound to run out eventually. Also, Harry is (true to the wrestler stereotype) a little large and slow.


"Not such a good approach, eh, boy?" (against Yuiren)
"There's only room for one Harry." (against Harry)
"Black Wing of Zone 4 has fallen!" (against Cool)
"You need more than power to win." (against Taro)
"Girls should be more ladylike." (against Yuiran)
"Strong!  But not strong enough." (against Haiji)
"Master!  Come to your senses." (against Tarao)
"Ready for some time behind bars?" (against Roche)
"I never thought it'd end this way." (against Trigger)
"That's it for the evil faction." (against Carlos)


ROCKET: (hold)

Rocket, baby! Harry fires an exploding rocket from the launcher on his wrist. It starts out slowly, then picks up speed as it travels. Once it connects with an enemy, it explodes, causing great damage to the opponent or, if they've blocked the missile, their guard gauge. The attack can be delayed by holding down the punch button, but Harry will release the rocket after six seconds, whether you're ready or not. One final note... this attack uses one rocket from Harry's supply, and if Harry has no rockets, he'll just stand there with his arm outstretched, giving the opponent a chance to strike.


Harry snatches up his opponent, picks them up over his head, then drives them headfirst into the ground. A potent attack that requires close proximity to the enemy.


Harry quickly steps back, then leaps into the air with his massive legs spinning like the propeller of an aircraft. The Propeller Kick hits multiple times... when the attack is complete, your opponent will have suffered a good deal of damage.


Harry slides forward, hand outstretched. If he manages to catch a fist full of his opponent, he sticks his rocket launching wrist into their gut and unloads two rockets into their belly. If Harry only has one rocket left, he'll fire that, and if he's got none at all, he'll punch the enemy's stomach and toss them away in disgust, muttering "Lucky..." Harry takes two rockets from his available supply if the attack is successful (or less if that's all he has). If not, no rockets are used.



Harry throws a punch. If it connects, he continues to unleash punches and kicks on his foe, then ends the assault by firing EVERY rocket in his supply at his foe while they're gasping for breath. Deadly? Oh yes, very.  The best part is that it almost always lands when chained from a jump kick.  If the first blow doesn't land, Harry won't begin the attack, but he won't lose any of his missiles, either.


Harry attempts to grab the opponent. If he succeeds, he really lays into them, driving them into the ground four times and finishing up with a devastating back drop.

NAME: Yuiren
OCCUPATION: A manager and a singer
AGE: 20
HEIGHT: 170 cm
WEIGHT: 61 kg
SEX: male
BIRTHDATE: 3/3/1984
FROM: unknown

Yes, it really says that Yuiren is a male in the character select screen.  He sure had me fooled, though, because he actually looks more feminine than his sister Yuiran.  Even his more nimble, acrobatic attacks will have you convinced that he's really a she.  The large bow on Yuiren's chest and his extensive collection of jewelry only adds to the confusion. 

STRENGTHS: He's similar to his sister Yuiran, but with a different set of moves that are easier to perform. Several of his moves are quite strong, particularly the supers.

WEAKNESSES: Yuiren isn't much of a grappler, and it's tough to hit an opponent with his Bird in Flight attack.


"Not so friendly, but a nice guy." (against Cool)
"How rude!  At least I'm cuter." (against Yuiren)
"Bad attitude, eh?  Let me fix that." (against Roche)
"Yuiran, act like a lady." (agains Yuiran)
"Karate's for old men.  Get with it!" (against Tarao)

"Isn't it about time you retired?" (against Harry)
"You know, you should relax more." (against Haiji)
"I win today.  Try again sometime." (against Taro)
"Why would a paid killer want me?" (against Trigger)
"Just leave me alone!" (against Carlos)


DASH PUNCH: (hold)

Yuiren rushes toward his opponent with an outstretched fist. Should they be so unwise as to accept this gift, the opponent is badly injured and thrown to the ground from the impact of the punch.  One final note: the move can be used as a dash without a punch by holding down the punch button.


Yuiren takes to the air with his knee outstretched. This doesn't do as much damage as the Dash Punch but it comes in handy for enemies in mid-air.


Yuiren performs a beautiful aerial flip kick. This attack looks wonderful but can be difficult to use due to its trajectory... often, you'll find yourself flying past your opponent rather than into them. The weak kick shortens the distance of the Bird in Flight... use it if the enemy is nearby.


Yuiren crosses his arms in an attempt to defend himself from her enemy. This not only works as a suitable defense for attacks but gives Yuiren the chance to counter.



Yuiren dashes toward his opponent... if their defenses are down, he hammers away with punches and kicks, finally ending the assault with a Sky Strike (or several, if he's weak and his power gauge is full). This attack is both deadly and stylish, just like Yuiren himself.  Note that this attack is entirely ineffective against a blocking opponent... Yuiren will perform the dashing punch but will not execute any other moves.


Yuiren takes to the air, performing a series of Bird in Flight attacks. These flip kicks have much more generous collision detection than a standard Bird in Flight, and all three attacks in succession do an obscene amount of damage.  However, it's likely that the final Bird in Flight will overshoot the opponent.

NAME: Taro
AGE: unknown
HEIGHT: 178 cm
WEIGHT: 112 kg
SEX: male
BIRTHDATE: unknown
FROM: unknown

Taro asks the question, "What if Dr. Frankenstein were raised in Alabama?"  He's stitched together from spare parts just like Frankenstein's monster, and he's even green like Franky, but the overalls and beer belly suggest he's from the south.  In any case, Taro is slow but really strong, exactly what you'd expect from a large green golem.

STRENGTHS: Strong. Very, very strong. Taro's three stage attack can rack up damage quickly... if the Splashdown hits an unblocking opponent, chances are good that the Uppercutter and Spinning Arrow will as well.

WEAKNESSES: Slow. Very slow. Neither the Uppercutter nor the Spinning Arrow can be used on their own... they must be chained from the Splashdown, and it can be tough to time them properly.


"Ahhh.  That was a good one." (against Yuiren)
"You're tough, but why fight?" (against Cool)
"Stop copying me!" (against Taro)
"Whew!  I hate soldiers." (against Harry)
"Do you really enjoy doing this?" (against Haiji)
"You're a little too old for this." (against Roche)
"You're really wasting your talent." (against Tarao)
"Yuiran, you haven't changed a bit." (against Yuiran)
"I hate people who hire killers." (against Trigger)
"I'm free!  My slate is clean." (against Carlos)



Taro leaps into the air with his arms and feet outstretched. He hopes to crush his enemy with his massive stomach... if he's successful, he can chain the Splashdown into an...

UPPERCUTTER: (perform at the height of your jump, after the Splashdown)

Unsatisfied with a mere belly flop, Taro performs a leaping uppercut to add extra damage to the attack. Oddly, the motion for the Uppercutter must be performed at the height of Taro's Splashdown, but won't actually be executed until Taro lands. From there, Taro can finish up with a...

SPINNING ARROW: (perform at the height of your jump, after the Uppercutter)

Taro is capable of a third attack, but this can only be performed after the Uppercutter. Taro leaps one more time, spiralling toward the opponent like a heavyset torpedo.


Taro leaps for his opponent, feet first. This is similar to Yuiran's leg drop but carries a lot more weight behind it.


Taro performs a surprisingly agile somersault kick. Well, maybe not... he does wind up on his back afterwards. In any case, the Flip Kick drains your opponent's energy quickly and can be used to counter mid-air enemies.



Taro spirals upward, reaching the top of the screen with an extremely powerful Spinning Arrow. Heaven help anyone who's unfortunate to be in his path. Even if they're not, Taro can still hit them with a Belly Flop, which he performs after reaching the top of the screen with the Spinning Arrow.


Taro's itching for a fight... he'll batter the opponent with a series of crushing punches and bone-splitting kicks. This brutal combo ends when Taro drops to the floor on his behind.

NAME: Ruccio Roche
AGE: 16
HEIGHT: 164 cm
WEIGHT: 58 kg
SEX: male
BIRTHDATE: 4/27/1988
FROM: unknown

The name sounds awfully familiar, but we suspect he's not related to one of our contributors here at The Gameroom Blitz.  This creepy kid with the half shaved head and the oversized sweat jacket is arguably the most deadly playable character in the game, outranked only by Trigger and Carlos.  But hey, Trigger's got a gun, and Carlos is armed with a sword, so it's really no surprise.  If they dropped their weapons and fought fairly, Roche would have no trouble beating them either.

STRENGTHS: Roche is quite possibly the best character in the game, next to the typically overpowered bosses, of course. He's fast and his attacks are easily comboed into one another. Those attacks also do a lot of damage despite Roche's size.

WEAKNESSES: Some of Roche's attacks are awkward, particularly the Red Snapper and its super charged counterpart, The Assassin.


"............." (against anyone)



Roche charges up for a shoulder check that the average hockey player would kill to have. It's so strong that it pops the opponent fifteen feet into the air, allowing them to be juggled with subsequent attacks or even worse, Roche's complementary move the Nimble Step. The Shoulder Check can be delayed by holding down the punch button, but it can't be delayed forever... Roche will shoulder check the opponent after three seconds even if the punch button is still down.


Roche leaps into the air, hoping to catch an opponent on the end of his foot. If successful, he drops them to the ground and lands nimbly on their stomachs, probably crushing a few of their vital organs in the process. It's a decent anti-air move on its own, but the Nimble Step really shines when used in combos or after a successful Shoulder Check. A rule of thumb for Roche players... if your enemy's been knocked into their air, ALWAYS use a Nimble Step to bring them back down to terra firma. You're cheating yourself out of extra damage if you don't.

RED SNAPPER:  , then  or  when near the enemy

Perhaps one of Roche's most awkward moves. The junior assassin rushes toward his opponent... what he does from there is entirely up to you. Pressing punch will make Roche pounce on his enemy- if it's not blocked, Roche will mount their shoulders and snap their neck. Pressing kick makes Roche dive for his foe's legs... if it's not blocked, Roche will climb on his adversary's back and slit their throat. It's hard for the other player to predict but somewhat difficult to use effectively.


Roche windmills his arms, slashing any enemies unfortunate enough to be close by. This isn't Roche's best move, but it works well in combos and it's fairly unique.



Roche backhands the opponent... if that blow connects, he continues to pummel his victim with a variety of spinning strikes. He ends the combo by sending the enemy in mid-air, giving the player a chance to add even more damage to the Deadly Waltz by throwing in a Nimble Step. Combined, the two attacks will drain nearly half of the enemy's life bar.


This more damaging version of the Red Snapper has many drawbacks... it's even tougher to catch an opponent with it, and it doesn't offer as many options as the Red Snapper. Roche slides toward his opponent, then pounces, hoping to mount their shoulders and snap their neck, finishing the job he was paid to do. It does hurt, but not as much as a Deadly Waltz paired with a Nimble Step.


NAME: Trigger
AGE: unknown
HEIGHT: unknown
WEIGHT: unknown
SEX: male
BIRTHDATE: unknown
FROM: unknown

This cackling, scarlet clad gunman defends the crime lord Carlos from assassins, cops, and anyone else who threatens his rule over Eden.  Trigger's got a super move that will drain nearly all of your energy... it would be in your best interests to beat him down before he has the opportunity to use it.  Stay close to Trigger and punish him with kicks, punches, special attacks, and when the time is right, super moves.


"Die, you scumball!" (against Cool)
"Glad to cut down the competition!" (against Roche)
"Thank heavens you lived this long." (against Tarao)
"I'm finishing off your ugly breed." (against Haiji)
"It's almost a pity to kill you." (against Yuiran)
"I'd be nicer if you were a woman." (against Yuiren)
"Ha!  Ready to die for your country?" (against Harry)
"No crawling away.  You're dead!" (against Taro)

NAME: Carlos
OCCUPATION: Crime boss
AGE: unknown
HEIGHT: unknown
WEIGHT: unknown
SEX: male
BIRTHDATE: unknown
FROM: unknown

There's nothing like a fair fight... and a battle with Carlos is nothing like one!  The crime lord of the island Eden is armed with a sword that gives him both great strength and reach.  It's much tougher for him to use if you get in close and assault him with constant quick strikes.  He can still grab you and hit you with the butt of his sword, but that hurts a lot less than the edge of the blade.  It's also worth keeping in mind that Carlos takes less damage from your attacks than the other characters (he's an end boss... that shouldn't come as much of a shock).


"You're going back to the dump!" (against Taro)
"No more wings!  You're grounded." (against Cool)
"You betrayed your God, now die!" (against Harry)
"You should've kept on singing." (against Yuiren)
"Almost damaged the merchandise." (against Yuiran)
"Aiming for me was bad luck, eh?" (against Roche)
"Maybe I'll hire you as my guard." (against Tarao)
"Die!  So I can hide my mistake." (against Haiji)


*  There are no individual endings, unless the brief comments your character makes to Carlos after the final victory counts.  What you'll get instead is a credit roll with various drawings in the background... most likely this is promotional and developmental artwork that would have found its way into the art gallery of a home release.

*  By the way, there IS no home version of The Fallen Angels, as hard as that is to believe.  It would have been great on the Dreamcast... heck, I would have even taken a Playstation 2 version if that's all they had!

*  Cool and Harry Ness have been compared to K Prime and Maxima from the King of Fighters series.  There's a good reason for this... the character designer for The Fallen Angels later migrated to SNK to begin work on The King of Fighters '99.  K Prime and Maxima are his designs, hence the strong resemblence to his previous work.  While it's true that Maxima appears in a much older game, Robo Army, he was almost completely redesigned in his KOF debut.

*  Two characters were left out of the final release, due to Psikyo's insistance that The Fallen Angels be released on a deadline.  These characters, Lupis and Snake, appear briefly in the game's ending as rough sketches. 

*  The balance in this game is absolutely horrible.  Several of the characters are much too powerful, and others border on being useless.  Haiji demonstrates this fact perfectly, taking up to eighty percent of an opponent's life with a fully charged Detonation Punch.  This would be a ridiculous amount of damage regardless of the situation, but this isn't even a super move; just a common special that can be performed at any time.

*  The Fallen Angels most likely takes place in the city of the angels, Los Angeles.  The storyline alludes to the popular legend about "The Big One", an especially powerful earthquake that will seperate California from the rest of the United States.  This plot was also used in the film Demolition Man, and is strangely reminiscent of the post-apocalyptic settings in many Japanese cartoons, where a nuclear attack leaves Japan in ruins (for the second time).

*  Fighters cannot be dizzied in the traditional manner, no matter how many times they've been hit.  However, some super moves (particularly Carlos') will leave characters incapacitated shortly before the finishing blow is executed.

*  Harry Ness's name is pronounced "Kain" before every fight.

*  The statistics for each character are confusing.  There's an obvious age difference between many of the fighters, yet the game claims that most of them were born in the same year, 1984.  Either the designers screwed up big time or there's something they're not telling us.

*  Psikyo claims that the bosses are in no way playable.  That's a bit of a letdown, but considering how much more powerful they are than the rest of the characters, it's probably for the best.  The game's got enough issues with balance as it is!

*  Yuiren is indeed a male... losing battles with Trigger confirm this.  He throws salt on the many wounds he's inflicted by informing Yuiren, "I would have been nicer if you were a woman."

*  Yuiren and Yuiran seem to be the same sprite, redrawn with different clothing and given different animations.

*  If you throw enemies with the kick button as either Yuiren or Yuiran, they switch stances.

*  Time for some fun with MAME!  If you're playing The Fallen Angels with this emulator, and it's likely that you are, download an earlier version of MAME (I recommend 0.62 myself) and play the game with it instead.  You'll notice that the game runs faster and the title screen is in Japanese.  Also, the characters' voices are more high-pitched.


* Psikyo and The Steel Hearts, for making this game
* GameFAQs for hosting this strategy guide on its site
* The guy who wrote a review of The Fallen Angels on GameFAQs... he figured out that the stance shift allows characters to perform an extra powerful kick or punch.  I'll get his name when I revise the strategy guide later (nope, I still don't have it)
* The folks at Sector: NGP, particularly Paleface and Mark "NeoGutsman" Magdamit, for their input and suggestions
* Frank Kao, for pointing out that Tarao's Assault and Battery was a multi-stage attack
* Charlie Malekzandi, for revealing a lot of information about this game, including special moves I couldn't find on my own and the fate of The Fallen Angels' character designer
* Sotenga, a Digital Press forum member who discovered yet another attack in the game.  I don't know how these keep slipping by us!

This FAQ is a trademark of Jess Ragan and JessCREATIONS*, Co. Unauthorized use of this guide is prohibited. The Fallen Angels is a trademark of Psikyo and The Steel Hearts. All rights reserved.