A 05

Athletic World


July 1987


1-2 Player

Thank goodness for Nintendo's Power Pad.  Without it, children around the world would be five, even ten pounds heavier!  All right, nobody actually used this thing, and games like Athletic World may have been the reason why.  The object of Athletic World is to finish a variety of races, avoiding the obstacles in your path.  It's challenging, but also pretty simplistic.

FAST FACT:  Athletic World was the first game designed for the Power Pad, back when Bandai was manufacturing it.  When parents complained that their children were getting large and lazy after spending too many hours playing NES games, Nintendo responded by distributing the Power Pad themselves, along with several of their own games for the pressure sensitive mat.


Attack of the Killer Tomatoes


January 1992


1 Player

It's a cheesy video game, based on the cheesy cartoon that was based on a cheesy movie!  Still with me?  Good.  Killer Tomatoes is a bland and predictable platformer... you run through the streets and sewers, and when tomatoes attack, you step on them.  Neither the graphics nor the sound make much of an impression, so there's not much else to say about this one.