May 17, 2012... Loose Ends

I've been meaning to post the final issues of The Gameroom Blitz, Concept, and Project: Ignition on this site for a while, but never got around to it.  Well, until now, anyway.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you'll find links to the three fanzines, in both the tried and true PDF format and as a digital comic book that you can save to your smartphone and read on the go.  In the interest of full disclosure, the latter two publications have been truncated slightly, with some excruciating comics pulled from Project: Ignition and Chris Dyer's Spawn-like character Doom taken out of Concept.  It was an all-Vectrex issue... he didn't really fit in there anyway.

Before you ask, no, I won't be publishing the earlier issues of Project: Ignition and Concept.  I skimmed through those recently, and they were just awful, a cavalcade of simplistic artwork, self-aggrandizement, and jokes that only made sense to the editor.  Either I was on medication when I was writing those, or should have been.

Also, while The Gameroom Blitz is dead, I'll be occasionally posting on Kiblitzing, a Google-hosted blog with a razor-sharp focus on gaming obscurities.  Just to warn you though, updates aren't on a set schedule and the topics will be completely random, based on whatever comes to mind at the moment.  I have no greater aspiration for the blog than self-amusement and writing practice.  If you happen to wring some entertainment from my stray thoughts, consider that a bonus.

April 1, 2012... 'Sup.

So, how's 'bout a new Fighter's Misery for old time's sake?

The Gameroom Blitz has ended publication.

It's been a fun fifteen years, but The Gameroom Blitz is no longer being actively updated.  I've kept the site online so readers (and potential employers!) can enjoy the many reviews and features that have appeared on the Blitz, but there won't be any new content here until I have the resources to make a proper comeback.  Until then, I encourage you to read my blog on Retronauts, updated twice weekly, and stop by the forum and say "hello" to the other fans of the site.  Thanks for stopping by!