It all started with this innocent little gif. A cute little joke for a thing no one reads anyway. But... it became something more.
"I've seen versions of Solitaire with new decks. Surely I could change Minesweeper!" I had a mission: to hack Minesweeper.

I took the first step of all quests of knowledge: search Google for minesweeper editing. I found this page with some handy info and links on it. Actually, I mostly ignored the info and went straight to the program (the one that could hack 16-bit files like Minesweeper).

The whole process took only a few hours. It was remarkably intuitive, and only required minor copying and pasting in the beginning. The only problem was that all the graphics had to be only 16 colors... so everything looked primitive, but functional (at least the little arm of the bomb is legible, or else it'd look like a fire from SimCity). To complete the 'look' I used Microangelo to change the icons, which unfortunately also had to be in 16 colors. Oh, and then I found the FF counter font at this videogame website counter site, which goes towards completing the look. And I edited the Black and White version so it was 'complete'... I'm too much of a perfectionist.
Overall, I'm pleased... I'd like to improve some things, but for now it's more than I could ever hope for.

Update! Version 1.1: I have changed the face to a moogle face... now people will get a bigger clue that this is Final Fantasy related. B&W face button is messed up, but is anyone gonna care? Now just to figure out the timer...

Download Bombsweeper now!

Update! Version 1.2: No, it's not the number update... instead it's a radical graphics change. NOW it looks like I really did something.
Dig, Kupo, Dig! For everlasting peace!

Download the garish green Bombsweeper: Astroturf Edition!

Bombsweeper Wish List:

  • Replace LCD numeric display with something similar to FFVIII timer, or FF font
  • Find a way to increase graphical quality by rearranging image's index
  • Increase colors in icons